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Palco Factory

The 5,000 sqm Factory was originally built for the company ‘Palco’ in the 1930s, one of the largest manufacturers for T-shirts in Greece and now has been renovated intoa mixed use and residential building. The industrial complex is located near the ancient and busy Peiraios Avenue, which connects Athens with the port of Peiraios . Its urban surrounding is a curious juxtaposition between the Acropolis and the building remains of the migrated industries. Currently, the influx of cultural institutions and new residents are driving the rapid transformation of the area into one of Athens’ cultural hubs. Building design The 5000 sqm building was originally built for the company ‘Palco’, one of the largest manufacturers for T-shirts in Greece. The building has been left unused since the manufacturing moved out in the late 80’s during which period the building played a significant role. The existing building is currently converted into a series of large contemporary residential lofts on the upper floors, whereas the street level is transformed into a large and open cultural space with exhibition and meeting facilities, dinning and reading spaces.

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  • location_icon 123 PEIRAIOS STR.
    118 54 ATHENS, GREECE
  • phone_icon T. +30 210 6201818
    F. +30 210 6209090